A Jazz/Fusion masterpiece
BrainBuilders is the brand new, very competent and yet welcomely accessible release from the Danish  Jazz/Fusion band, THE END 2.0. With it’s strong expressiveness, virtuos and radiant musicality, beautiful, earcatching and lyrically melodious material, intelligent compositions and thoroughly produced sound, THE END 2.0’s new CD -  “BrainBuilders” is equally recommendable for the jazzlistening novice as for the truly experienced jazzenthusiast.
Vibraphonist Morten Grønvad's band, THE END, has since it set out in 1986 through live performances and releases “Matter Of Fact” (1991) and “Global Village” (1996), gained and sustained a cult status amongst Scandinavian jazz/fusion lovers.
The current edition of THE END 2.0 consists of an exclusive foursome of the finest instrumentalists available on the Danish jazz scene today.
Morten Grønvad, vibes (DK), THE END's founder and leader, is one of the very few vibes players in Denmark. His elegant, articulate and fluent playing has brought new life to an almost extinct instrument that had it’s two decades of glory in the 1950's through 1960’s. Morten Grønvad has carried the vibraphone into the new millenium by equiping it with pick-ups and a digital midi-interface, enabling him to control keyboards and samplers. The synthesized sounds are mixed with the sound of the amplified vibraphone, resulting in a totally unique texture which forms an integral part of THE END 2.0's sonic trademark. On “BrainBuilders” Morten Grønvad can be heard on the midi-vibes as well as on percussion and keyboards. He has moreover produced and composed the nine tunes on the CD.
Morten Grønvad has performed on a number of  recordings and  live concerts. Recently with a.o. Mezzoforte (IS), Danish Radio BigBand (DK), David Sylvian (GB) and Senor Coconut (DE).
Tomas Franck, tenorsax (SE) is the widest ranging and most  highly respected saxophone player in Denmark. Through his original, precise og energetic playing he raises THE END 2.0’s music to new heights, while he at the same time mirrors the jazz traditions of saxophone greats as Wayne Shorter and John Coltrane. Hearing Thomas Frank play in a musical style, that in many ways is a little more "cutting edge" than what he usually prefers, only makes the experience even more interesting. Since he initially moved to Denmark in the 1970’s Thomas Frank has kept himself busy as a bandleader and as a sideman with "who is who" of leading Danish and international jazzartists.
Yasser Pino, bass (CU) came to Denmark to study at The Conservatory of Rhythmic Music in Copenhagen, and quickly became a key figure in the Danish latin music community. His big and warm bass sound provides the foundation for THE END 2.0, and his solid rhythmical feeling influenced of the Cuban music tradition, combined with his abillity to assimilate new styles, has contributed to make “BrainBuilders” a warm and groovy listening experience. Yasser Pino has furthermore added a new solo voice to the band with his superior playing on both 6-string electric and acoustic bass.
Niclas Campagnol, drums (SE/IT) has added a new dimension to the music of THE END 2.0 with his explosive and dynamic drumming. His incredible energy combined with his musical insight and abillity to make the music live, provide the counterplay needed to make the compositions and the soloistic performances stand out in the clearest expressiveness. Niclas Campagnol has performed in countless settings a.o. with Jonas Hellborg (SE), Chico Freeman (US), Andrew Strong (IE) and many more. He is currently finishing a new CD featuring American jazz players Mike Stern, Bob Minzer og John Pattitucci alongside Danish residents Poul Reiman, Morten Grønvad and Thomas Frank.
THE END 2.0’s new CD “BrainBuilders” is available you music portal and at
Release date: Sept. 20th 2008.
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